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If you are voyaging to Orlando, you might find the following helpful.

Air Travel   
Car Rental   
Road Trip   

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General Orlando Area Information                   
Air Travel
The most convenient airport to fly into is the Orlando International Airport.   If you have other people to visit in Florida, you might want to fly into Tampa (2 hour drive) or Jacksonville (3 hour drive).  There are smaller airports scattered about but trust me, as someone who travels a lot, the Orlando airport is large and tourist-friendly.  That is your best bet.  Trying to save a few bucks at some dinky, little airport is only going to cause you aggravation.

You should be able to book a decently priced flight on any Major Carrier.  When traveling between Orlando and Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, I suggest USAIR.  The flights are reasonably priced, direct and relatively comfortable.  While they are cheaper, I would avoid COMAIR (a division of Delta) unless you are petite, childless and travel without luggage.
Car Rental
There are several car rental companies from which to choose.  I prefer AVIS for their efficiency and service.  Avoid National.  They are sometimes cheap but very S-L-Ooooo-w.
Road Trip
If you are traveling by car, use MapQuest!  Carl is often heard saying 'Orlando is just not laid out in a logical manner.'  There really is no rhyme or reason to the layout of our streets.  Save yourself some aggravation and get directions first!
Disney World
Magic Kingdom The park with the old standards.  Good for families with kids.
EPCOT Best park for those who'd rather look than ride.  Many different kinds of alcohol and food.
MGM Studios Star Tours and Muppet Vision3D, Baby!
Animal Kingdom This is a relatively new park.  It incorporates the rides  with live animals.  You won't be able to get this  close to exotic animals any other way.  It's also refreshingly un-Disney-esque.
Downtown Disney An entertainment  complex with fancy,  over-priced restaurants, the  House of Blues, Cirque du Soliel and some assorted shops.  It also includes Pleasure  Island, a group of night clubs sharing a  single cover charge.
Universal Studios Escape
Universal Studios Florida - Ride the Movies Rides based on movie themes.  Similar to MGM.    
Islands of Adventure The running joke in O-town is that this is the best park that Disney Imagineers ever built.  It's the most fun I've had at a theme park.  The rides kick ___!  There are some excellent roller coasters,  a fun raft-ride and a virtual adventure with Spiderman that you won't believe.
City Walk A collection of restaurants and nightclubs.  Similar to  Downtown Disney.
Kennedy Space Center You get to see more than old rockets.  You can get a look at Space Shuttle Cargo as it is being assembled, launch pads, robots and more.  This is both fun and educational.  It is a bit of a drive from the tourist-y part of town but I think it is worth it if  you're into space
Sea World SHAMU!  Enough said.
Busch Gardens
(Tampa Bay)
This is a decent park but nothing extraordinary.  Roller coasters and animals.  You will be better served if you spend a day at Disney's Animal Kingdom and a day at Universal's Islands of Adventure.  On the other  hand, they do have Clydesdales and free beer samples.
Belz Factory Outlet Mall A collection of several malls full of outlets.  You  can get some good deals but some of the stores  really   don't offer very low prices.  These stores are trying to sucker the International Toursits. (Its always fun to watch the British tourists  shopping here the day after they got a Lobster-Red  sunburn at one of the parks.
Wet'n Wild A water park on I-Drive.  (International Drive. )  Disney has a few water parks that are much nicer.
Gatorland (Check out the Gator-Cam. LOL)Have some fried Gator for lunch.  This is where the scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was filmed.  You know, the one  where the bad guy falls off of the rope bridge into the river and the Gators eat him. 
Air Boat Rides This is a real Florida thing to do.  You get to ride on a high-speed airboat through the tall grasses on the river and look for Gators.  Carl loves it.  He'd love an excuse to go again.

We've found that if you go on Sunday when the regular place is closed, strange men will give you a much more entertaining ride for the same price.  Much faster.  Not safer...but faster.
If I've missed a good attraction, or if you know of a discount that other guests might like to take advantage of, please let me know and I'll post it on the web site.

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If you live in PA, it will feel like spring to you in Orlando during the winter.  It will  probably be brighter than you're used to up North.  Don't forget your sunglasses and buy some nice, strong sunscreen.  The sun is more intense here.  You'll want to bring a light jacket as well as shorts.  The weather changes quickly.


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